The Journey to Zero Trust

Recognizing new attack surfaces....

The Solar Winds and Microsoft Exchange hacks continue to highlight the cybersecurity risk and the dynamic attack surface that exists in the enterprise ecosystem. The Zero Trust model maps out themes that enterprises can leverage as a blueprint for action.

Tailoring the approach

The decision to evolve towards Zero Trust is a journey that takes planning, coordination, and ownership to achieve a security efficacy that limits risk and reduces that attack surface.   The Zero Trust concept has picked up steam over the past year with the pandemic and the fact that threat actors are taking advantage of a fragile ecosystem that is exceedingly reliant upon a sprawl of resources to enable business and continuity.   The reality is that cybersecurity teams have been strained in extending a security posture that can scale across this ecosystem.

Zero Trust action plan

The journey towards Zero Trust is anchored on five themes:

  1. Defining the attack surface
  2. Visibility into your transaction flows
  3. Planning and maturing towards a Zero Trust Architecture that is customized to map to your business needs
  4. Instituting a Zero Trust policy centered around the who/what/where/why
  5. Monitoring – extensible solutions that can continuously review logs and generate an actionable yield on alerts

Putting these themes into action requires planning to fully understand your business mission and tailoring an approach to achieve the outcomes that best fit your organization.  The themes that are highlighted above are a beacon to drive effective planning, action, and execution.   Our clients benefit from a collaborative approach that is rooted in the extensible capabilities in a broad range of marking leading solutions. More importantly, the IOvations team has the acuity to provide actionable steps, insights, and pragmatic guidance on how to refine focus and execute along the Zero Trust journey.

Wherever you are in your journey to Zero Trust, IOvations can help.   We can assist in technology selection, implementation, policy refinement/development, or we can conduct a workshop if you are in the early stages of your journey.   Our mission is to focus on your success!

Arrange a meeting with IOvations to discuss your goals, and leverage our experience in driving Zero Trust across a broad range of enterprise clients.

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