Impactful Engagement Across a Wide Range of Industries

With over 100 years of combined experience, IOvations delivers the solutions and develops the services that meet the dynamic security needs of your company, your industry, and your requirements. We’ve had years of effective collaboration and have delivered results across the financial, retail, life sciences, government, and utilities sectors. We deliver solutions to secure data across the enterprise ecosystem. Vision, collaboration, and execution are our ingredients to Secure IT Now!

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We know that the financial sector is critical, and also a high-value target for threat actors. A dynamic attack surface, critical transactions, and significant regulation place a high stakes responsibility on the sector as a whole. At IOvations we are intimately familiar with the importance of compliance and effective security to ensure that your data, your brand, and your intellectual property are safeguarded. Our experience is focused on delivering solutions and services that emphasize security readiness. Think IOvations for security, efficiency, and results!

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Attacks on point-of-sale networks are happening with increasing regularity, and they have a direct impact on a company’s bottom line. Let us use our extensive experience working with retail businesses to help ward off these attacks. We can help you implement the right protections so you and your customers can feel safe and your brand is protected. At IOvations we recognize the importance of comprehensive security for the retail sector, and leveraging solutions and services that are extensible and effective.

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Life-Sciences & Health Care

Life sciences and health care are mission critical to our well-being. Intellectual property, trust, and brand integrity are imperative to those developing medicines and delivering quality care! Whether it is HIPAA related or the HITECH ACT, IOvations has the agility and expertise to meet the security demands that are required in the dynamic life sciences and health care sectors.

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Studies have shown that United States federal, state, and local governments ranked last in cybersecurity when compared to 17 private industries. When a government agency is hit by a cyberattack, citizens notice. We’ve worked with government agencies at the federal, state, and local levels to ensure networks stay clean and data is protected. We look beyond the infrastructure requirements and strive to enhance security profiles to scale security and intelligence across the various domains that data resides. Security readiness is our theme as we blend controls with guidelines and important regulations that the government agencies must adhere to.

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Utility companies are constantly being threatened by cyberattacks. This is true whether it’s from domestic forces or hackers overseas. The team of experts at IOvations can assess security posture and direct you on the critical infrastructure security policy and controls that are required to thwart the major threats. Whether it is an assessment, a penetration test, a design, or an optimization of your environment, IOvations has the expertise to accelerate efficiencies for your security program.

Keeping You Secure & Compliant in Any Industry

We’ve worked with companies in nearly every industry. Our Secure IT Now mantra is focused on readiness as we enhance, optimize, or design a security strategy for your business. The team of security experts at IOvations will help help you implement the best solutions, and provide actionable steps so your networks are available, your data is secure, and your environment is optimized to scale and meet dynamic business requirements.

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About IOvations

IOvations provides enterprises across the eastern United States with network security, data security, cloud security, and host-based security solutions that are practical and relevant to your business risk profile. With a staff of IT security experts and over 100 years of combined experience, IOvations can help you span the IT lifecycle with a complete security engagement plan that will deliver best-in-class solutions and practices for network security, data security, cloud security, and host-based security requirements.