Network Security Monitoring

Instability in a security device infrastructure creates instability in the overall network – security devices are placed at critical nodes in the network, and if they fail the network’s users will notice.



IOvations Networking Security Monitoring solutions provide benefits including:

High-resolution visibility into the health and performance of network security devices and applications, to detect any issues early and before they reach a critical state.

Continuous round-the-clock monitoring and alerting for warning signs going beyond the traditional up/down alerts, based on in-depth knowledge of optimal configuration.

Ever-expanding array of purpose-built signatures that are continuously updated with vendor model and version releases

Exponentially shorter resolution times, via indeni’s real-time, concise and relevant alert information, as well as informative steps for best practice remediation.

Knowledge based on decades of experience with network security devices, augmented by customer-driven requirements and feedback.

Seamless deployment and integration into your organization’s existing network operations center (third-party NMSs, SOCs and NOCs)